ANADI means without a "beginning", and LINGA means "form". Anadilinga means a form without the beginning. 

Now one may wonder that form in itself is physical and has a boundary then how can it be without beginning? Well, when the energy of a form is not just limited to the physical boundaries instead is merged with the Cosmic/Divine energy/shakti then the form has no limitation and the impact of the form is super powerful. If one is receptive enough then relative perceptional reality can be transformed in the presence of Anadilinga. 

The one that has "no beginning" has "no end" either. Only the Shiva/Nothingness/Emptiness/Shoonya to which modern science refers to as "void" is Adi-Anadi (No End-No Beginning). Because it is "void", it is formless, all forms of manifestations are in it and yet in itself, it has no form.  It is Absolute. When un-manifest energy begins to manifest itself, the first form is always the Linga.  Linga means a perfect ellipsoid. The first form of creation is an ellipsoid. Today modern cosmologists are saying that the core of every galaxy is in the form of an ellipsoid. Yogis have always been saying, the first and final form is a Linga. If you become meditative, your energies will naturally take the form of a Linga. From our experience, we clearly know this.


Yog/Yoga in Sanskrit means "Union" or "Merger". It means the Union of Human Consciousness with Supreme Consciousness. Through Yogic practices/sadhanas, one can achieve the Absolute through the Union with Supreme Consciousness.  All human beings are born to walk the Spiritual Journey, perform yogic practices and attain this Union and live as Sat(Truth), Chit(Consciousness), Ananda (Bliss).  Jesus, Buddha, Socrates, Osho, Yogananda, Sadhguru, Adiguru, Adyashanti, Eckhart, Terrence, Dalai Lama, so many have walked this path of the inward journey, so can you! 

It's never too late to begin!

The first form is a Linga. The final form before dissolution is also a Linga. So a Linga is held as a doorway to the beyond, whether you go this way or that way. Both ways, before dissolving into nothingness, the final form is always a perfect ellipsoid. The science of Linga-making is based on this. If you give me an object, this wood, for example, I can make it highly energetic and give it to you. In a few seconds, I can make it highly energetic. If you hold it before and after I touch it, you will feel the difference, but the wood won't be able to retain this energy; it will hold it for some time, and again it will become just a piece of wood. It cannot sustain it; but if you create a perfect Linga form, it becomes a perennial storehouse of energy. Once you charge it, it will always stay that way.


When one is Enlightened/Self-Realized they become Absolute.  It's not that they lose their physical body, it's just that their energy body (Etheric/Subtle Body) becomes Cosmic, their Consciousness reaches the Infinite where Consciousness loses even the awareness of itself. They become a perfect divine vehicle and perform the great feat like child's play.  They are called as Yogi, Mystic because what they achieve and what they can do is often beyond scientific explanation, is beyond the realm of logical and rational mind.


Anadilinga will have all the seven chakras manifesting themselves at their peak. It will be alive. Not only on the physical plane; but on the level of the etheric body or the spiritual body. Anadilinga will be like a body of an Enlightened/Self-Realized Being, where Cosmic Shakti/Energy/Power stays in it's most dynamic form. It will be a Guru, maybe not a physical Guru who speaks to you, but still a Guru. A Guru is not just the one who speaks to you or guide you on the physical level. Your relationships in the world are physical, mental or emotional, but the relationship with your Guru is such that he touches you in those dimensions where others cannot. Anadilinga will touch the Consciousness that you are and will expand and transform it so you can live a much fulfilling life with Divine Love for all in your heart. For some of you, it will be the Guru of the highest order because when you look at Guru with human body, your mind starts judging as to what he/she wears, what he/she does and all that, but when a Guru is nothing like human-body you will stay receptive in many ways and reach the state of ultimate devotion easily, otherwise you stay caught up so much in your judgmental mind that you fail to experience the "Being" that a Guru is. Those who are too logical and whose ability to live life is very much on the surface may not be touched by Anadilinga at all. When you sit in front of a living Guru, you have many problems, judgments, likes and dislikes, because invariably you end up looking at his personality. People have left their Gurus for all kinds of frivolous things. There are hundreds of stories of people who left their Guru for something as silly as a tie or a needle. This is simply because, in your everyday life, you are deeply caught up with your own physical and mental bodies and their dramas. What has happened to you on deeper dimensions is not in your awareness. In one moment you will know that this is the deepest thing that has happened to you in your life. The rest of the time your mind will argue and prove to you that it's not so. With Anadilinga, you will not have these problems because it will not carry a physical or mental body. If you experience him once, every time you sit, you will look up to him reverentially. If he had a physical body, one moment you would be looking up to him reverentially, the next moment you would be judging him and condemning him for something. It's bound to happen. Anadilinga will have its boundless advantages.