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The concept of Anadilinga was received as a vision by Adiguru Prakriti and it is based on the fact that Cosmos has Pure Energy that can be used to uplift humanity and break the karmic patterns. Using this tremendously powerful shakti human consciousness can achieve the breakthrough which is long due and must happen now. 



The cosmic energy will be stored in the mercury-based ellipsoid/lingam through ancient esoteric methods. 



The Lingam will be placed inside a Temple which will be shaped like a Star Tetrahedron (Hindi/Sanskrit - Shatkona). The entire space will be consecrated in such a way that no rituals are needed to maintain the power of the Lingam and Temple space. 



Consecration can be done in many ways, one way is through the chanting of certain mantras and performing Yagya, such a consecration is called Mantra Pratishtha. Deities consecrated in this manner constantly require poojas and other rituals to maintain their energies.


In contrast,

Prana Pratishtha is done in such a way that the energies are locked within the diety and the deities maintain their energies at a constant level and do not require rituals or any other means of re-energizing. Prana Pratishtha is a months/year-long process and is performed by Enlightened/Self-Realized Beings. Deities consecrated in such a way to retain their energy for thousands of years and benefit the humanity by uplifting the consciousness and helping humankind break the unconscious/karmic patterns.


Intense Meditation/Sadhana/Tapas is done to consecrate through Prana Pratishtha. This esoteric process takes place beyond the realms of mind/body/emotional dimension, means beyond 5th Dimension. Sustained states of Samadhi are maintained with minimal body consciousness and requires a lot of care for the environment, surroundings and the people involved. At times after the consecration is done it is difficult for people involved to stay in the body after prolonged minimal body consciousness. Adiguru Prakriti is ready to embark on this journey of Prana Pratishtha despite knowing that after consecration she might have to leave the body or she may be left with a damaged one.  As per her, there comes a time when one has to do whatever needs to be done to uplift the Consciousness of the entire country/planet. As she has received this as her Cosmic/Divine Order, she has to fulfil it. Many die diseased on hospital beds, or accidents or in sleep, this is such a better and divine way to leave the body. Death doesn't happen to an Enlightened/Self-Realized Being



In geometry, the three-sided pyramid is known as the Tetrahedron. When two Tetrahedrons are merged together, they form a Star Tetrahedron.  When seen two-dimensionally, it is a hexagram or Shatkona in Hindi/Sanskrit. 
Three-dimensionally, the Star Tetrahedron is a symbol of the union of Shiva (Unmanifest) and Shakti (Dynamic Power). When one is Enlightened/Self-Realized then in Crown Chakra the Union of Shiva-Shakti takes place and such a Being is connected to the Cosmic Kundalini. 

Shatkona is a symbol of the original human consciousness (4th, 5th, 6th-dimensional consciousness) to which the human race is returning. 


In discussing the hexagram, Wikipedia tells:


The hexagram is a mandala symbol called shatkona yantra or sadkona yantra found on ancient South Indian Hindu temples. It symbolizes the Nara-Narayana or perfect meditative state of balance achieved between Man and God, and if maintained, results in “moksha,” or “nirvana” (release from the bounds of the earthly world and its material trappings). 


In the myths of Ancient India, the shape is generally understood to consist of two triangles-one pointed up and the other down-locked in a harmonious embrace. The two components are called “Om” and the “Hreem” in Sanskrit and symbolize man’s position between earth and sky. The downward triangle symbolizes Shakti, the sacred embodiment of femininity, and the upward triangle symbolizes Shiva (or fire principle), representing the focused aspects of masculinity. The mystical union of the two triangles represents Creation, occurring through the divine union of male and female. The two locked triangles are also known as ‘Shanmukha‘-the six-faced, representing the six faces of Shiva & Shakti’s progeny Kartikeya. This symbol is also a part of several yantras and has deep significance in Hindu ritual worship and history.


Sacred Geometry
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