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Vision of Adiguru Prakriti


Eastern cultures have witnessed the glorious, sacred consecration of thousands of Shivlingams in different countries since time immemorial. Anadilinga is another magnanimous one, the consecration of which will be witnessed esoterically by graced ones in Australia. 


Anadilinga will be the essence of entire yogic sciences and it does not attribute to any particular belief system, religion or faith. It's purely scientific and existential in nature. It's a technology that works regardless of one's faith in it and will benefit all around tremendously in breaking the unconscious patterns and raising their consciousness. People of any race, religion, caste, creed, gender will be able to come together and Meditate in peaceful surroundings. The esoteric consecration process will ensure that it doesn't require any ritual or worship going forward and will reverberate pure cosmic energy for possibly thousands of years to come.


The mercury-based Anadilinga will be consecrated by the Self-Realized Guru, Mystic and Yogi Adiguru Prakriti through intense Meditation (Samadhi) for months/years through the ancient process of prana-pratishtha. From the metaphysical standpoint, Anadilinga will be a Master, a Guru with tremendous energy to unlock the potential of everyone around. By helping spiritual practitioners achieve higher meditative states, Anadilinga will offer the presence of a living guru.  Traditionally, such a powerful presence of real mystics and masters is only available to the few. The eternal vibrations from Anadilinga will help dissolve the unconscious patterns (Karma) to speed up the spiritual process/journey and expand/elevate the Consciousness so that life can be perceived beyond the physical. It is going to be a doorway to Enlightenment and Spiritual Liberation.






Why Anadilinga?

Humanity is in ever greater need of energy vortexes (Lingam/Ellipsoids) than before. To eradicate physical, mental, emotional issues and to heal & lift everyone from their brokenness we need to come together and build such a thing. Raising the consciousness globally is the only way to put an end to human misery! We need consecrated spaces where "all" religion, caste, creed, race, colour, gender people can come together and be benefited. Consciousness is ONE in ALL.
By keeping all differences aside let's stand up as humans for once!

What is Anadilinga?

Anadi means "the one without the beginning" which in other words means "the one without an ending". The one which is "whole". Lingam is a Sanskrit word meaning Ellipsoid, which is an energy vortex. As per Science and Quantum Mechanics that's the shape of the "energy of creation". Anyone coming near to such a lingam will find physical relief, emotional stability, mental clarity and their consciousness will be uplifted magnanimously to attain Meditativeness and Mindfulness. Without it, it will take months and years to achieve this state and lead a peaceful,  and more fulfilling life.

How Anadilinga will be created?

Anadilinga will be a tall ellipsoid tower which then will be consecrated through esoteric methods, extensive meditation/samadhi and an ancient science of "Prana-Pratishtha" using which many such energy vortexes (Lingam) were created throughout the world. A long process will charge the lingam to reverberate with the energy of creation, it will hold the emptiness/void out of which the entire universe happened. 

Vision of Adiguru Prakriti

Adiguru Prakriti Realized the Self in April 2016 and during her spiritual journey, the sequence of Visions started which showed a magnanimous, glorious Shiva-Lingam, which appeared to be talking to her about the details of what has to be done, why it has to be done, and how it will be built and consecrated. When she questioned "what it will be called?" then a loud voice responded "Anadilinga". It was as if Shiva materialized as Anadilinga and was talking to her in order to bring it to reality. Like how a Soul may talk to the mother before rooting itself into her womb and being born as her child.


Those visions also made it clear that she will have to move to Australia, as Anadilinga has to be built there. She sold her house, belongings in the USA and moved to Australia as soon as it was possible, as visions were driving everything. Before leaving the USA, visions guided her to visit Mount Shasta in California as she has to collect something from there. Not knowing what it could be and where and how she would get it, she visited Mount Shasta and hiked all the way up to 9,800 feet to mystically find a Crystal and Gold plated statue of Goddess Durga. Details about that journey are on the blog.


After reaching Australia, she settled in Melbourne and started working on drawing the designs, details and everything from her visions. Being Shiva Foundation is Adiguru Padmé's effort to bring Anadilinga to reality. According to her, building and consecrating Anadilinga is a sacred cosmic offer to her directly from Shiva (Unmanifest/That which is not) and it will be her contribution back to humanity, to the world. It will bring together all those who have to contribute and play their part in this sacred process. The journey of building it will bring a lot of people together and will reveal their own potential and energy in a way that they have not perceived before, it will give sacred meaning and purpose to many lives around.


Anadilinga will benefit the entire human race and not just the people in Australia. It's an opportunity which comes around in a thousand or so years to be part of something that is going to outlive many generations to come. Anadilinga will be built in such a way that it can last for 5000 or more years to come and the cosmic vibrations/energy emanating from it can benefit all beings around and most importantly humans.


When a vision of such grandeur happens, it changes the fate of humanity, it changes the era of the level of consciousness forever, elevates everything to higher vibrations energy, higher dimensions along with it.  Such visions are delivered from beyond time and space as Universe itself is trying to evolve and matter/energy, the consciousness of beings, planets are trying to be more purified and in a stable state. Realization of such a cosmic vision will stabilize the life not just for humans, but for planets as well. 


You can be part of this Cosmic Adventure by volunteering for anything that you can help with or by donating. Please reach out to "Being Shiva Foundation" and click on "Contact" from the top navigation or alternatively you can email us at or call +61 406915025 (Sydney/Melbourne/Australia Time Zone). 

  Stay Blessed!


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